Of a Grateful Nation

Short film, “Of a Grateful Nation,” pending release on U.S. Film Festival circuit.  This film marks the collaboration of a fraternity of military veterans in front and behind the camera to bring the reality of veteran suicides, and the throes of PTSD to the forefront of the American mind.  

Director and Navy vet Adam J. Reeb (known for “Checkpoint”  & “Open Windows”), Producer/writer and former Marine Sergeant Jonathan M. Ball, Lead Actor and veteran Greg Radcliff, and Director of Photography Ryan Hamlin.  

22 Vets a Day committing suicide on average.  The pain and angst of demise, and the downward spiral of PTSD, are often dismissed by the masses because it is a path walked alone.  No one is present to witness the internal battle.  “Of a Grateful Nation” brings it to the forefront of the world’s view. 

“Of a Grateful Nation” is about a man-once a hero, and now a broken spirit-spiraling out of control.  Self-Medicating with prescription pills and alcohol, a young man, back from a world of war, is unable to cope with a time of peace.  He is alone, drugged, drunk and armed.  No one is with him.  No one is there to stop him.  He is left feeling the abandonment and true separation from the people and the nation he served.

Of a Grateful Nation has these awards and recognition:

London Independent Film Awards Best Short film 2017

RealTime International Film Fest Selectee 

German United Film Fest 2018 semi-finalist

The Wayward Festival 2018 official selection

Trailer available on IMDb here:


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